Innovate Smarter

Our team can help you inject some new tech-based capabilities and processes into your business, no matter your starting point.


What we do

We improve your business by making better use of information you already have, building custom solutions that align to your business goals and set you up for long-term success.

How we do it

We combine well-established patterns and practices with technology while leveraging our team's wide range of industry and commercial software development experience.

Why we do it

We share a passion for technology, innovation, and client satisfaction. Our pride for what we do drives the success of our projects and is fundamental to why people partner with us.


What are your goals?

At Capax Global, our team of technologists help you architect, deploy, and support custom solutions. Our solutions are artfully deployed to align to the business goals that matter most to your unique organization.


I need to build a software solution to meet my business needs.

  • Do you have a large, complex system you need to deliver and aren’t sure where to start?

  • Do your applications all look and behave differently from one another?

  • Do your users feel like they’re using a single system or many?

  • Does your development team deliver reliably and predictably?

Modern solutions

I need to empower my users, employees, and partners to find the information they need through analytics and reports.

  • Do you have multiple versions of the truth?

  • Do you struggle with integrating data from multiple disparate systems?

  • Do you need help moving from department analytics to enterprise analytics?

Data and Analytics

I need a secure solution for collaborating, communicating, connecting, and engaging with people across my organization.

  • Do you have a lot of systems on-premises and ready to move to the cloud?

  • Do you have files all over but can’t find anything in a timely manner?

  • Are your collaboration and communication tools centralized?

  • Is your data and company information secure?

  • Do you have a solid foundation for the management of your cloud environment?

Cloud Productivity

I need to modernize my IT environment to scale my business.

  • Are you currently running SQL 2008, Netezza, Teradata, Windows 2012, or Exadata?

  • Are you looking for a services partner with deep large-scale migration experience?

  • Do you have an on-prem application that you want to take to the cloud?