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Enhance your ability to make better decisions and improve your bottom line

Ask any business executive and they will tell you that data is accumulating at an exponential rate. Information is now available from multiple sources, including both structured and unstructured. From social media to retail transactions to sensor readings in the manufacturing space, gathered data is not useful if it is unmanaged and non-integrated. Not only is it invaluable, but the manual efforts required to process this data can limit an organization’s efficiency. By applying predictive intelligence and machine learning best practices to gathered data, you can change a business and launch it ahead of the competition. Azure Machine Learning gives you the tools you need.

Capax Global's Machine Learning solution is an Azure-based predictive analytics service that can be tailored to your company’s needs. It builds predictive models and uncovers new hidden insights by exploiting patterns in data…and deploys in minutes.

machine_leaerning_azure.pngModel Your Way with Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) allows you to build learning capabilities into your own applications by using historical data to make more informed business decisions. ML algorithms detect patterns in data and create mathematical models using these discoveries. The models are then used to make predictions on future data. Azure Machine Learning simplifies this process and provides you with a library of timesaving sample experiments, R and Python packages, and powerful algorithms from Microsoft. It also supports R and Python custom code, which can be dropped directly into your workspace and easily shared.

What Makes Azure Machine Learning Unique?
  • Replaces human written code with supplying data
  • Fixes problems that were thought to be unfixable
  • Makes predictions on data based on past history
  • Your model is live as a fully managed web service in minutes and can connect to any data, anywhere

Uncover the Value of Your Data

In Capax's Workshop Series - Uncovering the Value of Data, a data specialist walks your organization through an exploratory roadmap of exercises that will increase your understanding of what the Azure service family can provide through Machine Learning, ADF, Power BI, and IoT.




Capax Global focuses on the things that matter most to your business – existing technology assets, devices, sensors, and data – and connects them to the cloud to create business value.

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Azure Cloud Platform


Capax, a recognized Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Cloud Platform specialist, provides cloud strategy consulting and technical services to help you take advantage of today’s new era in business computing.

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