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Custom Application Development


Applications run your business. And since your business is unique, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to the development of critical business applications. At Capax, we work with our clients to find the right balance of process, methodology, design strategy and technology to maximize your ROI from the engagement.  Internally, we follow an agile development methodology and push the limits of micro-service and hyper-scale design.  However, we're actively engaged in very successful projects following RUP and Waterfall SDLCs in mixed teams with many of our more traditional clients.  Our secret to success is picking the strategy that works best for the entire team and problem at hand, then executing flawlessly.

A working team in 60 minutes
Want to shave days or even weeks off your project timeline? Go with Capax Global and watch us establish our project development environment in 60 minutes or less by rolling through our fully automated approach to getting productive in your world.

Access to our library of code components for simple—and not so simple—tasks
Want to shave another week or weeks off your project’s development timeline while also reducing time-consuming QA cycles that increase project risk? Go with Capax Global and get into the weeds with your Capax team leader and browse the Capax Foundation library of code components that can give your project an instant shot in the arm on expected tasks. Or skip the meeting and let our team leader just wow you and your QA team with functioning deliverables faster than you thought possible.

Code deployment standards that make supporting what we build, after we’ve left, no issue
We are often brought in to build or enhance complex, highly-available, mission-critical business facing applications, and the last thing we want to do it produce something that the company we’re partnered with will find hard to support and maintain. So a big part of our methodology centers around building applications using highly-defined coding standards which includes well-documented design patterns, algorithms, and naming conventions. We also fully automate as close to 100% of the application’s deployment as possible, making future updates, testing and production releases clean and efficient. And before we wrap any project up, we include time to do as much hands-on training as the client requires to ensure that what we’ve built together is utilized to the fullest extent possible.

Project Success Story

An example of our success with our Custom Application Development approach was at a Fortune 100 Financial Services firm. Capax Global completed the largest Sybase-to-SQL migration and application modernization ever completed that included:

  • 67 production applications (single cutover)
  • Modernization as well as migration
  • Major enhancements, security overhaul, code unification
  • ZERO defects at cutover

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