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Our delivery teams prioritize understanding the unique needs of every hospital, physician and patient our projects impact.  Our solution offerings center on helping our customers answer key questions around remittance, digital coding, patient care and financial management including acquisition integration.  We align our data management capabilities with our BI enterprise reporting capabilities to put answers regarding patient activity, insurance processing and community impact in the hands of care givers and healthcare support networks that need it most.

Use Case: Digital Solutions that Support Healthcare Excellence

Access to data is important regardless of your industry, but rarely can it impact the health and welfare of an individual like it can in healthcare. Regardless of the application being used to manage a patient’s health records, diagnosis history and insurance processing – if your data isn’t performing well, can’t scale and is difficult to manage, your ability to respond to patient and physician requests can be impacted.

This was the exact situation with one of our large healthcare insurance plan providers, as they were looking to upgrade their current healthcare administrative platform and needed a database environment that could support their anticipated workload growth in a cost effective manner. The customer’s existing Sybase environment was becoming more expensive to maintain due to the company’s changing pricing model as the pool of capable resources to support this environment continued to grow smaller.

The Capax team worked closely with the client to complete an extensive evaluation process that included a review of both Oracle and SQL as viable database options. Our data migration best practices helped streamline the steps required to review and test integration points and the performance of the applications that would be impacted by this project. The result of this first phase of work was SQL showcased as the clear winner and best choice for the customer long term.

The migration effort followed Capax Global’s multi-phased platform modernization blueprint that includes 3 main tiers and is supported by Agile best practices. Our decades of database migration expertise and depth of understanding the project’s key milestones allowed our team to deliver this project in less than 4 months when previous efforts and expectations of the customer were 6-8 months.

At the close of the project, the customer’s application was now experiencing a dramatic increase in transactions per minute that proved to be 104% faster in SQL over Oracle and cut claim processing time in half.

  • 68% decrease in runtimes on average
  • Datamart jobs ran 50% faster (shift from 3 hours daily to 1.5 hours)
  • TCO calculations: SQL 71% less expensive than Sybase
  • Anticipated planning time reduced from 6-8 months down to less than 4 months


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