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Aligning data management and BI enterprise reporting to provide answers to critical questions that help caregivers and healthcare networks provide the best support to their patients.

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Leveraging Machine Learning and IoT to create predictive models that pull information from current product data and capture insights from sensors in the field to drive business growth.

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Financial Services


Utilizing the power of Microsoft’s affordable, easy-to-use BI solutions to address business challenges at top financial institutions, hedge funds and multi-national insurance companies.

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Professional Services


Tapping into our deep understanding of the tax and audit space, we design systems for PS firms that address some of the most complex problems of data access and reporting.

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Engineering and High Tech


Solving the complex technical problems engineering and high tech organizations face with forward thinking solutions that match the high demands of these industries.

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Empowering and growing retail businesses through Cloud and data management solutions that provide answers from product and customer data that you didn’t know to ask.

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