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The HERO's Guide to self-Service BI

Has your executive team asked you to start a Self-Service BI initiative but you don't know where to start? Does it sound to you like this self-service stuff is really just dashboarding? Is your current Self-Service BI project failing? 

capax can make you a Hero in your Self-Service BI initiative.

Data projects have a high failure rate. Data warehouse projects often take months to years to show value and even reporting and dashboarding projects stumble, especially when they are dependent on a fully normalized Data Warehouse as the source. 

Experience has shown everyone that data warehouses are best suited for operational and repeatable reporting that is mature. Self-service means on demand exploration and analysis to produce actionable value whether it's a formalized board-level report or a Pivot Table in Excel.

At Capax, we know how to implement successful analytics projects. Self-service is nothing new to us. When we leave a customer after an analytics project, the customer is confident they can maintain and build upon the foundation we have created.


Pulling Back the Curtain

We want to show you HOW we do these projects. We call this the Capax Agile Data Process. You may recognize some of the tools and processes we use. But we espouse concepts that are exactly OPPOSITE of what every other vendor is going to tell you.


Because we are not trying to get you to buy our expensive software or have an Army of Consultants come in to do it for you over the next 24 months. In fact, we like to start with a small, 3 month engagement so you are continuously learning and evaluating whether OUR solution is right for YOU.


Become a Hero at Your Company

 We want to show you:

  • What self-service really means
  • Why many analytics projects fail and how to avoid failure
  • The Capax Agile Data Process that will make you a Hero and make your project successful
  • Where IT fits into the equation and can empower Self-service analytics, accelerating business analytics across the enterprise

Ready to empower your business users with self-service BI? Be sure and download our IT Hero's Guide.