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Shaping Data with Power Query

Custom Aggregations

The Problem Statement 

When working with customers they often have a need to aggregate data in a unique way that is not exposed by the Power BI Query designer. One such case that I run into frequently is the need to roll up text details by group. For example, figure 1 shows a list of task codes and the task names associated with it. 

It's Not Just What you Say But How You Say It.

Arms stretched towards the sky, head (and sign) held high – this 2-year-old girl had something to say as she joined the multitude of supporters at one of the Women’s Marches last week.  While the words on her sign may be tough to translate, the presentation of her prose can’t be ignored as toddler sized energy fuels her tiny fingers and ensures that her message can be seen by the world.

Confessions of a: Java/Unix/Oracle/Tableau Developer

Unlike most of my peers at Capax Global, much of my career has not been Microsoft focused.  I was initially trained in Oracle, learned Unix, Java/J2EE, and WebLogic early on, added DB2 UDB, Informatica, WebSphere, OBIEE and Cognos, and as recently as 2014 led the selection and implementation of Tableau as the strategic Business Intelligence and Visualization platform for my then employer.