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Who We Are


At Capax Global, we focus on building solutions that align with your company goals, advance your business by making the best use of information, enable penetration into your business processes, and help your company with strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

As a premier Microsoft consulting partner, our clients include a wide range of customers, from smaller, business-specific technology companies, to many of the world’s largest organizations. Our services methodology is built on reusable technology components, patterns, and processes that have been refined and proven on thousands of production solutions working with teams just like yours. These components and methods are designed to maximize the value you receive from your service investment.

  • Mature and business-savvy advisors, with proven enterprise-level transformation success
  • Cross-platform -- our migration practice is one example -- domain knowledge of all major technologies
  • Cutting edge expertise is a constant focus—we’ve already established a solid track record in Machine Learning, IOT, and Microsoft Data Lake with many best of breed applications in production
  • Excellent collaborators, team players, and mentors – often used as a force multiplier by our customer teams to facilitate and accelerate progress

Why Choose Us

At our heart, we are scientists with a keen understanding of business environments, challenges and initiatives. Our talented team of technologists bring decades of technical and consulting expertise, project leadership and complex problem solving.
Every strategic decision we make – operational or technical – starts with ‘how will this impact and benefit our clients’. Every leader at Capax Global has account management and customer satisfaction accountability. Our commitment is to build trusted partnerships with our clients.
Capax team members share a passion for technology and client satisfaction. We value hard work, honesty and transparency which feeds a team spirit that is contagious with our customers. Our pride and love for what we do fuels the output of our projects and is fundamental to why organizations choose to partner with us.
Data Platform Modernizations
BI and Data Analytics
Azure Application Migrations
Custom Application Development
Machine Learning and IoT
Collaboration and Search
Data Exchanges

Our Management Team

Jerry Hawk, Managing Partner

Jerry Hawk

Managing Partner

Gets bored easily. Has to be contained.


Sharan Hildebrand, VP of Sales

Sharan Hildebrand

SVP, Sales and Strategy

Solves big problems with due diligence, creativity and a splash of bourbon.

Ron Gagnon, Partner

Ron Gagnon


Chief Customer Officer - 'nuff said.



Jessica Hawk


Thinks accounting reports are exciting. Never loses at Clue.


Jim Leonardo, Associate Partner

Jim Leonardo

Associate Partner

Loves making the sun shine through the cloud.


Mitch Prince

Associate Partner

Shooting for the clouds.


Dave Bishop, Associate Partner

Dave Bishop

Associate Partner

It hurts to be on the cutting edge.


Doug Coen, Senior Software Developer

Doug Coen

Senior Software Developer

Has been telling computers what to do since middle school.



Jerry Head

Director of Resource Operations

Very much at home in Madison Square Garden attending a Rangers game.


Prasad Akula

Director of Quality Assurance

Quality as a habit, be it testing software or making Indian food!

Nick Bethel, Operations Manager

Nick Bethel

Operations Manager

Music and computers go hand in hand.


Joe Williams, Practice Manager

Joe Williams

Practice Manager




Larry Chesnut, Senior Data Platform Architect

Larry Chesnut

Senior Data Platform Architect

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.


Manish Shrivastava, Senior Data Platform Architect

Manish Shrivastava

Senior Data Platform Architect

Loves to fly but two wheels keep him grounded.


Dean Kroker, Project Manager

Dean Kroker

Senior Solutions Architect

Predicting future skies, one cloud at a time.



Andrew Thaus, Solutions Specialist

Andrew Thaus

Solutions Specialist

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud.